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About Eclipse PPM

Eclipse PPM is a project portfolio management software from the Toronto-based company, Solution Q. Solution Q was founded by Craig MacInnis and Brad Robbins, who first launched the Rich Internet Application – Eclipse PPM in 2002. A SaaS version of Eclipse PPM was later released in 2011, as a cloud-hosted improvement upon the original. The company strives continuously to update and improve upon their project portfolio management software. They have a core belief that technology must be able to provide a tangible return on investment, and provide a strategic advantage for businesses. Eclipse PPM is currently in distribution across Canada and the United States, and is in use by organizations such as Queens University, University of Chicago Medicine, Raymond James, Berkeley, and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Eclipse PPM was specifically made to handle multiple projects without overwhelming the user. With over 300 organizations who use this project portfolio management software, the company has earned a growing list of clients. Eclipse PPM emphasizes the importance of working as a resource management software, too. With its drag-and-drop interface, convenient tabs that allow users to toggle views and a user-friendly tool-set, ease of use is ensured.

This resource management software is hosted in a secure data center and has scalable licensing fees. One Eclipse PPM client, Hamilton Health Sciences, had a list of more than 450 initiatives that needed reporting. By switching to Eclipse PPM software, they were able to reduce resource expenses and were better able to monitor the progress of projects.

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