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About Ebizframe

The Ebizframe ERP software produced by Eastern Software Systems is business software for manufacturing companies that can be customized depending on a company’s needs. This is made possible by its unique design, which allows for automated integration with existing business processes across departments. What’s great is that all of a company’s personnel can participate in the integration process, thereby potentially minimizing the learning curve for employees. The Ebizframe ERP software also makes collaboration easy and works for companies of all sizes.

By decreasing how much work is actually being redone, the speed and accuracy of business transactions improve across all stages of production. Consequently, customer satisfaction increases. Ebizframe is also useful for managing multiple locations, consolidating information, and assessing the company’s statutory compliance with the manufacturing industry regulatory structure in any country. By optimizing how employees use their time, Ebizframe enterprise resource planning software can increase a company’s productivity and profitability.

The Ebizframe ERP software has been used and tested by large manufacturing companies across the globe such as the biggest business conglomerate in Nigeria and a large stationery manufacturing company in Kenya. After implementing Ebizframe, companies reported results such as gaining better control over receivables, payables, and inventory. Overall, Eastern Software Systems’ Ebizframe can improve a company’s productivity on any scale.

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