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About Eaglement

Eaglement, a data visualization platform, helps companies quickly and easily view and track their performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) on an intuitive, web-based dashboard accessible anytime, anywhere. Developed by Neuron Software, a company with over 15 years’ experience in design and development of mission-critical business software, including mobile and in-office sales support, information management systems, customer management solutions, Eaglement is a comprehensive custom dashboard solution.

Eaglement pulls data from multiple sources into one interface for easy KPI monitoring. Users can access information from Android (4.0 or above) or iOS (7 or above) devices, and can manipulate the information, including a wide range of available diagrams, including line, area, column, and circle, for easy reporting and analytics. Diagrams are fully interactive, allowing gesture-based zoom in/out, full screen mode, accurate value designation, and the ability to create custom reports and visualizations. Furthermore, each device can have its own dashboard view, allowing content to be designed for specific roles, users, or processes. 

Eaglement is available as a SaaS-based platform, or can be installed on-premise with support for JAVA, TomEE, MySQL, and other databases. Data can also be imported via Excel, SQL, MySQL, and other sources. All data is encrypted in transit and in storage, so you can rest assured your dashboard is secure. 

We recommend Eaglement to any business looking for a custom dashboarding solution that offers native support for Android and iOS, but especially those companies wanting to develop individualized dashboards for specific users, roles, or business processes.

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