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About e2s Mobile+

E2s Mobile+ is a college-branded mobile app built to engage and convert prospects into students. The app distributes content and facilitates interaction with prospective students based on pre-defined personas for targeted, purposeful communication. 

Higher education institutions today face the task of differentiating themselves in an increasingly crowded marketplace. They have to compete for relevance and visibility with prospective students. During this stage of the decision process, it’s vital for the institution to engage prospects based on target personas (examples: International Student, Career Professional, Returning Veteran, Transfer Student etc.) and appeal to their distinct needs, hopes, aspirations and concerns. 

Use e2s Mobile+ to engage in two-way communication with your prospective students. Through the e2s Mobile+ app, prospective students can access Campus News, FAQs, and Maps. The Event feature organizes public and private events for prospects, and Communities bring students together online based on their Persona. Polls and notifications reach students with approved content. Prospects can also reach out to your college through chat and service desk if they have any issues or questions.

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