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E2Open Business Planning Intelligent Application Suite

A Business Planning Application Suite
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E2Open Business Planning Intelligent Application SuiteProduct Overview

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E2Open Business Planning Intelligent Application Suite product overview

E2open’s unified platform strategy and deep integration experience allows companies to connect all underlying transactional systems (internal as well as partner ecosystems). The platform enables you to extract and cleanse data to make it decision-grade, create a real-time digital representation of the physical supply chain, and equip people and systems for fact-based planning.

Pros of E2Open

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E2open has a direct business network with more than 60,000 partners and over 200,000 users across 120 countries. An effective digital platform must be able to handle these diverse functions and be able to integrate well with both systems and people. E2open also provides reusable connections to internal and external data sources and transactional systems in the physical supply chain with 100,000-plus demand as well as supply and logistics network participants.

Cons of E2Open

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According to IDC research, the primary challenge for E2open is the lack of awareness among enterprise buyers of the proven technology and expertise that can orchestrate their end-to-end supply chain, including across external partners, both on the demand and supply side. This shows up more in certain industries than in others, based on the maturity of supply chain processes. Without this awareness, many companies anchor their thought processes around ERP systems, which unfortunately are enterprise centric, and siloed.

Breakdown of core features

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Sales and Operations Planning

E2Open can aid businesses in achieving consistently profitable, execution-ready plans that balance demand, supply, and financial goals to facilitate consensus across internal and external stakeholders. Demand planning can also help you understand and shape demand with collaborative workflows, machine learning algorithms, and automation.

Supply Planning and Response

For discrete manufacturing, E2Open can help you achieve fast, feasible and profitable supply responses with supply plans that reflect constraints across multiple tiers of suppliers and subcontractors. In cases of process manufacturing, it can enable an agile response with scheduling plans that consider both shifting demand and factory process constraints while ensuring high utilization levels.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

E2Open allows businesses to optimize materials and finished goods at all stocking echelons in the value chain, from internal operations to supplier and channel ecosystems.

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  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning and Response, Discrete Manufacturing
  • Supply Planning and Response, Process Manufacturing
  • Distribution Planning
  • Allocation and Order Promising
  • Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)
  • Barkawi
  • Camelot
  • Oracle
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