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About Aptean DTR ERP

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, DTR enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developer Aptean has extensive experience in specialized enterprise application software. Aptean’s emphasis on customized ERP solutions for industry-specific applications has garnered the company more than 9,000 clients in over 100 countries. According to Aptean, “Our solutions are very focused on specific industry segments, providing specialized value and capability where others cannot. By helping you increase productivity, improve responsiveness, and automate consistent and repeatable processes, we help you achieve and sustain true operational efficiencies across the enterprise.”

While there are a number of ERP software solutions designed with the manufacturing trade in mind, leaders in the plastics industry will find that DTR ERP software by Aptean has been tailored with their needs specifically in mind. Unlike generic ERP systems, DTR ERP offers comprehensive and affordable software with the unique requirements of discrete and process plastics manufacturers embedded as part of the system. DTR functions out-of-the-box include inventory control, manufacturing, job costing, forecasting, financial management and business analysis, sales, and customer relationship management, all aimed at improving efficiency of critical business processes. Designed for firms that specialize in plastics and maintained by a team of developers with long experience in the plastics industry, DTR ERP has been an integral part of numerous plastics companies’ efforts to reduce inventory costs, increase sales, and meet their customers’ needs for more than two decades.

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