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About DSS Emergency Room Mobile

DSS Emergency Room Mobile (ER Mobile) is a VistA Integrated, mobile triage decision-support solution that provides real-time access to patient data and more than 400 physician-written triage algorithms that encompass more than 3,000 medical complaints. The ED triage decision support solution is designed for tablets and integrates seamlessly with VistA to enhance workflow efficiencies, care quality, and patient throughput. As tablets and other handheld devices are becoming more commonplace in emergency departments, ER Mobile provides mobile applications that will enable providers to securely access patient health information on the fly.

Key benefits of ER Mobile are a reduction in triage time, enhancement of provider efficiency, streamlining of emergency department workflows, standardization of triage decision making, automatic processing of vital signs, and collection of targeted medical history.

Other add-on solutions that integrate with ER Mobile via VistA include a patient portal, a living care suite that streamlines resident care workflows, a clinical notes template module, a Clinical Information Systems DataBridge (CIS-DataBridge),  Cyber REN, Dental Record Manager Plus (DRM Plus), Home Based Mobile (HB Mobile), Medflow Ophthalmic Suite (Medflow), Mental Health Suite (MHS), Live Data PeriOp Suite, Patient Case Manager, Radiology Decision Support (RadWise), Real Time Vitals (RTV), Telecare Records Manager Plus, TheraDoc Adverse Drug Events Assistant, Touch Screen Assessment System for Mental Health (TSAS), and VistA Chemotherapy Manager (VCM).

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