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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Food and Beverage, Retail and Wholesale
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses


DRIVE BI is interactive customer retention software designed for expanding restaurant and/or retail chains. DRIVE helps increase sales at these establishments through customer loyalty; businesses use the software to better understand customers’ experience, and therefore design programs that increase customer, employee, and marketing engagement. 

DRIVE provides responses to customer feedback with incentives to return, a “mobile coach” that empowers employees to get customers back more often, and marketing analytics to get more sales through better-designed promotions. DRIVE’s digital comment cards increase customer feedback rates above the industry average from 3 to over 50 percent, and deliver real-time text alerts to managers when poor experience ratings are received. DRIVE’s management dashboards deliver actionable insights on a by-location basis in addition to company-wide analytics, allowing for both granular and over-arching strategic planning to increase sales and improve both the customer and employee experience. 

DRIVE BI reviews the data, providing customer experience insights that help brands increase sales, manage growth, and stay on top of  rapidly changing consumer trends. Customer acquisition is expensive and competitive; up to 95 percent of marketing spend is on customer acquisition, yet only 20 percent of sales come from new customers. DRIVE BI leverages the return on the cost of these new customers by bringing them to your brand’s private marketing channels, helping to increase engagement and return visits. 

DRIVE BI is an excellent tool for any expanding restaurant or retail organization, but particularly for those already operating several locations and with an established customer base. 

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