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DrChronoProduct Overview

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DrChrono product overview

DrChrono is an integrated EHR platform that empowers practices to make care more informed, interactive, and personalized. This open platform powers telehealth, practice management, medical billing, and revenue cycle solutions for physicians and patients. It is fully extensible via an API and marketplace of applications and services.

DrChrono offers an all-in-one solution for providers looking to boost efficiency and reduce errors. It delivers medical forms and charting shortcuts tailored for over 20 specialties to provide an intuitive experience for users using iPhones, iPads, or desktops. Additionally, it allows healthcare organizations to schedule and conduct video visits directly from the system without additional software, downloads, or integrations. Numerous physicians and patients use DrChrono to facilitate appointments and process payments in medical billing.

Pros of DrChrono

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  • It improves health record integrity by seamlessly integrating EMR, patient engagement, and billing into one platform, whether users are on iPhone, iPad, or web.
  • Its technology takes charting to the next level. It brings features for free drawing, lab ordering, medical speech-to-text, and e-prescribing right from the charts to reduce time-consuming tasks.

Cons of DrChrono

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  • Some users reported incidents of system crashing and lagging.

Breakdown of core features

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Practice management

DrChrono provides customizable practice management features to meet the unique needs of a practice. Whether small or big, medical professionals can create the practice they want and equip themselves with the EHR system that increases patient engagement and experience. The software allows users to bypass various redundant tasks and realize productivity improvement.

Electronic medical records (EMR)

The DrChrono EMR is accessible from anywhere at any time. Its native iPad software enables clinical staff to spend more time interacting with a patient and less time on a computer. With a cloud-based system and full integration across mobile devices, clinics can extend healthcare on-demand with the system’s innovative tools.

Revenue cycle management (RCM)

The platform’s RCM maintains income stability and simultaneously gives practitioners more time to focus on patients. DrChrono’s team of dedicated billing experts, in-house coding compliance officers, and certified medical coders handle the complete lifecycle of the organization’s medical claims. With this expertise, practices will see a rise in clean claim rates, speedy turnaround on denials, and better cash flow.

The system works to take over time-consuming tasks while providing quality services at a fraction of the cost of in-house billing, letting medical professionals practice medicine, not administration.


With DrChrono Telehealth, physicians can schedule and conduct virtual visits directly from the EHR. The software’s HIPAA-compliant Video Visits enable healthcare to create online appointments and send automated emails to patients without any additional set-ups.

(Last updated on 05/19/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Telehealth
  • Practice Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Patient Portal
  • Mobile EHR
  • eRx


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  • Updox
  • Luma Health
  • CoverMyMeds
  • Fullscript
  • OutcomeMD
  • Violux
  • API integrations

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  • Prometheus
  • Hippocrates
  • Apollo
  • Apollo Plus


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