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About DOX Podiatry EMR

DOX Podiatry EMR was created to be comprehensive life-cycle medical records solution that meets the specific needs of Podiatrists. DOX was created to start benefiting physicians from the first day of deployment through more efficient physician-patient interactions, improved office operations, and increased billing.

The DOX Podiatry EMR system offers four main modules; front office, medical history, clinical component, and billing and collections. The front office module increases the accuracy and efficiency of patient scheduling in addition to capturing patient demographics and insurance information. All the components of DOX Podiatry share a common database to avoid information redundancies. Additionally, all data is safe stored in the DOX Podiatry HIPAA compliant data center so no data is ever lost or misplaced. The mobile Med-Quest patient portal module allows patients to enter their own medical history from the comfort of their home. All of the information entered by the patients is automatically uploaded into the patient’s chart notes and gets highlighted on the physician’s screen. The clinical component assists Podiatrists in the diagnosis process with interactive x-rays and report assistance. DOX Podiatry’s billing and collections module automatically captures your procedure (ICD) and billing codes (CPT) in an effort to take the guess work out of billing.

One user was especially pleased with DOX Podiatry EMRs customer service. All inquiries were quickly answered with helpful information to solve any problems.

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