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About Dovetail Office

Dovetail creates medical software solutions for dental practices and practice specialties such as oral surgery, orthodontists and periodontists.  Dovetail Office is their electronic dental records (EDR) solution designed for cloud-based, mobile use.  With a platform that is optimized for tablet use, doctors are free to move about their office without sacrificing EDR use.  Patient interactions are made easier with Dovetail Office’s simple-to-use dashboard which allows users access to all of the relevant dental information.  Patient histories and previous treatment records can be tracked and easily accessed through the system.  In addition, doctors are able to keep visual and textual notes and charts throughout an exam, with Perio charts and custom templates available for use.

Dovetail Office also includes practice management features built-in.  Office staff are able to schedule appointments and exams with Dovetail Office’s scheduler.  After appointments have been set or edited, the system will send automatic notifications to patients to reduce the number of appointment no-shows.  In addition, after the completion of exams, Dovetail Office allows users to send electronic insurance claims, and bill clients.  Office staff can communicate with each other securely through the platform’s ConnectTM feature, allowing practices to integrate even more of their workflow into the system.  All Dovetail solutions are Meaningful Use Stage 1 & 2 certified.

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