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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Double Doods

Double Doods builds gamification tools that companies can use to better understand and interact with their customers. Using one of Double Doods’s three gamification platforms, businesses can choose how and where they engage their audience. Double Doods has helped a number of companies in various industries influence the behavior of their users.

Double Doods offers clients several options across three platforms, which promote a business’s brand, increase customer loyalty, engage audience members, and help build customer profiles. Each of Double Doods platforms addresses a different area of customer engagement. The Lemon software integrates with social media platforms and engages customers through the use of points systems. For businesses, this allows customers to earn points rewards by using a company’s products or promoting the company’s brand on social media sites. The Mango platform creates sweepstakes that customers enter by sharing company content with their friends and contacts via social media outlets. Companies can use this tool to track which users are sharing their content on which forms of social media. The Kiwi platform is a market research project that allows businesses to reward customers for submitting feedback about their products or the experience they had with the company.

Eventdoo partnered with Double Doods to create a loyalty system for its customers. As an online crowdfunding service that lists events and experiences, Eventdoo wanted to reward its most active customers. By working with Double Doods, Eventdoo was able to create a comprehensive reward system to thank its most loyal users and also to encourage participation from new customers.

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