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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Consumer Brands
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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Dopamine

Dopamine is a creative agency that provides brands with gamification campaign development, platform design, and implementation. Dopamine offers custom gamification solutions designed to increase engagement, loyalty, and performance for either customer or employee audiences. Gabe Zichermann, who also serves as the chair of the international gamification conference GSummit, serves as CEO of the company.

Dopamine specializes in the creation of innovative gamification platforms and engagement campaigns that motivate specific behavior in employees and consumers. Dopamine’s process begins with an in-depth assessment of a business’s unique needs in an effort to generate innovative ideas. The company then works to conceptualize a unique gamification campaign prior to designing their client’s platform. Using strategic thinking, design, and custom architecture, Dopamine develops branded gamification platforms on which businesses launch their engagement and loyalty campaigns. Dopamine strives to accurately identify a brand’s voice and goals prior to designing a custom gamification platform and then translates that brand’s personality to the finished product. Dopamine’s in-depth process ensures that brands receive solutions that accurately represent their voice and effectively achieve their defined company goals.

Dopamine has helped brands like ESPN, Gap, and Google increase awareness, inspire engagement, and build more meaningful customer relationships. Since Dopamine is able to design websites as well as mobile apps, brands can expand the reach of their gamification campaigns across tech mediums. Brands that have implemented Dopamine’s gamification platforms have transformed the way users interact with their company by rewarding their most loyal customers and employees with unique game experiences.

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