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About Doolphy

Doolphy, born in 2009, is an easy, intuitive, online project management tool that adapts to the way people manage projects. Interact with team members, set goals, optimize resources and identify project stages in a single location. Since creation, the online project management tool has seen more customizations added. The Doolphy team brings all the enthusiasm and energy to developing an application progressively more complete and fitted to your needs. Opinions and suggestions are always valued so that Doolphy can provide the best service to each of its users.

Doolphy boasts a variety of features that enable users to effectively control and accomplish projects. The Smart Planner allows for quick project planning through a series of template visualizations. The Gantt chart, another innovative feature, displays the progress of individual tasks on an interactive graph. Users can create task dependencies for projects by developing start-end relationships between tasks. In addition to the project planning software aspect, Doolphy takes productivity to another level by allowing users to share information through comment tags and notifications. Expense management layouts, timesheets and task reports also help users keep track of expenses, distribution of work efforts and overall progress of objectives. The benefits of the Doolphy online project management tool are many. Users can enhance the coordination and productivity of their teams, track ongoing work in a real-time setting, secure information and make decisions with greater ease. Doolphy is user friendly with its minimalist approach to web-based interaction. Whether managing a marketing agency, IT firm, consulting service or a non-profit organization, the Doolphy online project management tool provides a diverse range of  options to increase workplace efficiency.

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