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About Docurated

Docurated is a sales-focused content management platform being adopted by leading companies like Acquia, Forbes, CBS, Del Monte Foods, DigitasLBi, Havas, and Gainsight. Docurated incorporates massive inputs and machine learning to consistently help sales teams surface and re-use the best marketing content for each specific sales situation.

Everybody agrees the right story wins the deal. Unfortunately, everyone also agrees that not all reps can tell that story, and no rep can tell the right story every time. Marketing has the insights and the resources to create all the right pieces for the story. But sales has no way to surface and use marketing’s content, leaving marketing without the ability to tie their work to revenue or to know if they are focused on the right things. This means lost deals and wasted marketing budgets. Worse still, salespeople feel unsupported and believe they have to create their own content (wasting 10 hours per rep per week).

But companies are solving this problem today with Docurated. Docurated is like “Google” for all your sales and marketing content. Docurated:

  • Understands the context of a sales situation.
  • Searches through millions of pages of content across multiple repositories.
  • Visually displays the content so users can grab appropriate pieces, stick them onto a clipboard for Docurated to automatically format and build the presentation.
  • The output is a better-tailored presentation, using marketing-approved content, in a tenth of the time.

We recommend Docurated for medium-to-large organizations that need help scaling their content marketing and social selling efforts. Not sure if Docurated is the right tool for your organizations? Got questions? Call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on your unique requirements. 

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