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About The Diver Solution

Dimensional Insight offers a wide range of applications that help their customers launch business intelligence (BI) solutions quickly and at low costs. The applications are designed by focusing on specific industries such as healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and more.

The Diver Solution, by Dimensional Insight, is a comprehensive BI platform that allows businesses to create a variety of data visualizations, integrate different computing systems, and enhance its decision making. Focused on serving businesses, the Diver Solution’s interactive dashboards, visual data discovery, and ad-hoc analytics promote data exploration. This product encourages the use of actionable business intelligence throughout a company. In order to keep up with the development of the mobile world, Dimensional Insight also offers DiveTab, a platform created to organize and deliver big data to mobile users. The company claims that this product supplies information at unprecedented speeds in an attempt to provide the best mobile user experience possible.

The Diver Solution has been used by a wide variety of companies in different industries. For example, St. Luke’s Health System, a chain of 10 hospitals based in Kansas City, chose to use the product to analyze and report their data. The Diver Solution allows employees of St. Luke’s to easily analyze the latest information available in order to maintain their high standard of care for their patients.

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