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About Distilware

Ligature Software, an India-based firm, offers clients a number of services as well as software solutions such as Distilware. These include business analysis, but the company also invests itself in the architecture and design of businesses, the development of applications to serve them, and it will manage client applications, as well. According to the CIO of a client from New York, Ligature “goes beyond the formal consultant/client relationship” in working with its customers.

The company’s Distilware application for the food and beverage industry, functions across a range of business processes. In a single package it provides clients with supply chain management software, inventory management software, a warehouse management application, production planning capabilities and retail management software. Its features include report production, short message service and email and an interactive dashboard. The supply chain management software component simplifies the process of purchasing, organizing, storing and delivering orders, and it accounts for all tasks related to a company’s supply chain. Distilware’s inventory management software differentiates between packaging and production inventory, assigns lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates to all items. It also supports supply chain management software processes by tracking data related to the movement of goods from one company location to another, sold items and goods that have been otherwise removed from inventory. The Distilware warehouse management software component reduces labor costs by eliminating the need for physical product counts and can be used to oversee the operation of multiple installations.

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