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About Diino

Diino, released in 2005, specializes in providing cloud-based backup, file sharing, and storage solutions for private and business use. Diino operates and maintains its own system, which allows it to partner with large businesses. As a result, partnered companies can offer Diino’s backup and file sharing solutions to customers as a branded service.

Diino’s services include cloud-based file sharing, storing, and automated backups. It provides access to stored files and backups from any web browser including Internet Explorer and Firefox. Service plans available for partner companies include White Label, Platform, and Embedded plans. The features of each vary, but can include fully customizable options, third-party system integration, and maximum control for permitted users. Diino’s services can support mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Uniquely, Diino offers cloud-based backup and storage solutions that support Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) in addition to PCs. Diino’s CPE backups and storage solutions are appropriate for set-top boxes, gateways, and network-attached storage. Diino also allows slideshow publishing directly from any web browser, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Diino appeals to large businesses, including ISPs and IT companies, who have a substantial customer base and are looking to offer branded cloud-based backup and storage solutions to their customers. One of Diino’s earlier projects with Swisscom AG resulted in the implementation of Swisscom AG’s Personal Cloud Service. Swisscom AG was able to launch its branded cloud service within its existing infrastructure, one of Diino’s unique features. As a result of this partnership, Swisscom AG was able to provide reliable, cost-effective cloud services to its customers.

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