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About comScore Digital Analytix

Founded in 1999 in Reston, Virginia, comScore created the concept of tracking online commerce with a large consumer panel. The traditional methods for tracking online behavior had fallen behind. Businesses needed higher buying rates and sought solutions. Through innovation and acquisitions, comScore became a leader in business analytics by providing solutions to identify what consumers do as they navigate through the digital world.

With comScore’s Digital Enterprise Analytics, you can optimize your digital investments. Their Digital Analytix platform combines the best audience demographics with business analytics to help you grow your customer base while reducing costs. The enterprise analytics provide visibility into the behaviors of your users. Benefits include integration with third-party applications, in-cloud or on-premise use and lowest-form raw data. Imports of any type of structured data are supported by comScore, and their expertise in audience measurement allows integration of demographic information into your database. It has a flexible user interface and state-of-the-art reporting features. Digital Analytix optimizes the value of all your digital investments. Digital Enterprise Analytics has a low cost of ownership. This product provides an understanding of the customer’s journey, giving businesses the insights needed to develop the best marketing strategies by enhancing the customer’s experience. Businesses recognize comScore as a pioneer in the industry.

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