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About IBM Digital Analytics Accelerator

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a consulting and technology corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York. IBM manufactures and sells computers and software and also offers consulting and hosting services. It was originally founded in 1911 as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company. It is the 2nd largest American firm by number of employees.

The IBM Digital Analytics Accelerator is a program for high-traffic sites for those who want analytics software behind their own firewalls. Combining the benefits of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management and IBM’s PureData System for Analytics, the Digital Analytics Accelerator, provides an understanding of the individual customer usage and level, to optimize customer relationship marketing. It was designed for organizations with large digital data requirements that are mindful of security concerns. By keeping your data behind your firewall, it provides maximum security. This package simplifies IT efforts, reduces costs and enables more focused marketing.

Featuring enterprise-grade IBM hardware and software, the IBM Digital Analytics Accelerator is a complete solution with turn-key deployment. It can effectively store and process massive amounts of web data while efficiently managing a large number of users. It enhances a business’ ability to analyze data through ad-hoc reporting, correlation, filtering and other analytics. It is a comprehensive solution for running digital analytics with tremendous scalability. It includes hardware, storage and web analytics software.

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