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About Diamond Relations

Diamond Relations is a customer relationship management (CRM) software solution that is specifically calibrated to the jewelry business.  This helps jewelry stores keep track of customer relations, without providing unnecessary functions unhelpful to most jewelry salespeople or functions that will confuse managers.

Diamond Relations is entirely cloud-based, so it is easy for sales representatives and managers alike to access information anytime from any where. It offers customizable features for the needs of different jewelry businesses. Diamond Relations displays the pipeline by sale stage so managers can keep salespeople accountable and see where their staff members are working. It also helps organize contacts and send out reminders for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. Diamond Relations is interested in helping jewelers make the most out of the system; for the first month, there are weekly reports sent out to show both managers and salespeople progress that’s been made. There is also extensive webinar training that is provided with the purchase of Diamond Relations.

Diamond Relations has helped many jewelers close long-term sales. One customer reported that a gentleman had come into buy a bridal set, but quickly lost interest. Diamond Relations reminded her that the gentleman was to be married at a certain date. As a result of this notification, she was able to follow up with him prior to his marriage, and make a sale.

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