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About DeskAway

Founded in 2005, DeskAway was originally called Signage Software. The company is well known for their online project collaboration software. DeskAway was designed in 2005 and implemented as an internal solution. The software allowed the company to track and manage tasks as they completed more and more projects. As their client base grew, and as Software as a Service (SaaS) grew more popular, DeskAway was introduced to outside clients. Since then, companies have been using the online collaborative project management software for various types of projects. Companies that use DeskAway include, Stanford University, Deloitte, Pearson, and Etihad Airways.

DeskAway keeps everything online and is accessible from anywhere in the world. Clients access the platform from a variety of devices, all without ever having to download or install bulky on-premise project management software. DeskAway can be scaled up as project volume grows, keeping solutions efficient and easy-to-access. For example, the Nanjing Marketing Group in China’s Jiangsu province uses DeskAway to declutter their workspaces. They admire the simplicity of the interface and use it to keep everything in a single location. Clients all over the world feel the same way about DeskAway.

In Colorado, Xcite Media Group uses DeskAway for organization and as a task management software. They expanded their usage to more than 100 projects within a few months. It’s an effective solution for companies who prefer to keep their projects online and accessible from anywhere.

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