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Field sales automation and employee location tracking software
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Delta Sales AppProduct Overview

  1. About Delta Sales App
  2. Pros of Delta Sales App
  3. Cons of Delta Sales App
  4. Breakdown of core features

Delta Sales App product overview

Delta Sales App is a GPS salesman tracking and sales force automation software. It improves sales efficiency by keeping an eye on the team’s daily activities and checking vendors and distributors. It monitors sales teams in real-time and makes the business more effective.

Delta Sales App enables businesses to track salespeople, their mobile phones, the current location of their vehicles, and the distance traveled by them on a daily basis. Managers can also plan routes with different distances to know where employees are in real-time and can create reports accordingly.

Pros of Delta Sales App

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  • The platform allows salespeople to track their daily activities and gives them the ability to create orders, manage leaves and employee details, as well as tasks and activities.
  • It generates simple reports with information about all the customers and products, enhancing the managing and selling of products.

Cons of Delta Sales App

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  • It doesn’t have an iOS version.
  • Mobile battery information of employees is not available for admin panels.

Breakdown of core features

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Live employee tracking

Delta Sales App lets managers know where their field personnel is at all times. It allows users to examine the route field staff took and the approximate distance. Additionally, users can geo-fence the employees, preventing them from registering visits if they are not at the party’s location.

Parties and customer management

The software empowers the field sales crew to access and upload client information. It facilitates the geo-tagging of parties with their location, simplifying item delivery. Moreover, it supports recalling parties who have not been visited or placed in order in the last month.

Order management

Sales staff can punch orders straight into the Delta Sales App. They may also see the order statuses, such as whether they are accepted, refused, delivered, or canceled. Admins receive real-time updates on the placed orders.

Activities and reminders

Managers can assign tasks and activities to team members. Delta Sales App enables them to monitor progress and set details like activity title, description, date, time, and priority.

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Quick Facts

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  • Field Reps Tracking & Measure Travel Distance
  • Payment Collection Management
  • Order Reporting
  • Attendance and Leave Management
  • Product Management
  • Parties/Customer Management
  • Customer Visit Tracking
  • Beat Planning
  • Assign Activities and Sales Target
  • Field Expense Reporting
  • Party Location Mapping
  • Add Remarks and Daily Work Logs
  • Automated Reports and Analytics


  • Zoho Books
  • Tally
  • QuickBooks
  • BG


  • English
  • Custom language