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DegreedProduct Overview

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Degreed product overview

Degreed is an upskilling platform that connects learning to opportunities. It integrates everything people use to learn and build their careers, including skill insights, LMS solutions, courses, videos, articles, and projects. It then matches everyone to growth opportunities that fit their unique skills, roles, and goals.

Degreed combines skill insights with every type of people development experience, from learning to mentors to projects, gigs, and jobs. It delivers an all-in-one simple, fluid skill-building and career-development experience powered by the employee’s skill profiles and data. Organizations can use the software for learning and development, skill analytics, or career mobility. Or combine all three for a more powerful upskilling and reskilling experience.

The platform enables the workforce to create a portable skills profile to convey the transferable skills they’ve developed throughout their lifetime. It also gives team managers and business leaders insights to make smarter decisions about their people. HR teams can build custom learning experiences that guide everyone to the resources and insights they need to engage, collaborate, and contribute.

Pros of Degreed

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  • Degreed engages teams to crowdsource and collaborate on development and empowers workers to share and apply what they learn.
  • HR teams can measure employees’ critical skills and visualize strengths or gaps in real-time. The software gives the insights and tools to align skills with business imperatives, so everyone comes out on top.

Cons of Degreed

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  • Users reported encountering glitches with the Degreed mobile application.

Breakdown of core features

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Learning experience

The Degreed learning experience platform (LXP) lets the workforce own their learning and career growth, resulting in faster adaptation for the business. The software centralizes everything employees need to build skills for what’s next. It connects people to the content, teammates, and development experiences that matter most to the organization.


Degreed offers a dynamic opportunity marketplace that connects workers to projects, gigs, and assignments that are crucial to the business. These opportunities stretch employees’ skills and advance their careers.

Skill matching

The platform enables managers and talent teams to share all kinds of experiential learning with their workforce, such as tasks, projects, stretch assignments, shadowing, or mentorships. Then opportunities find employees automatically, using real-time data on everyone’s unique strengths and interests.


Degreed Intelligence links managers to employees. Employees receive guidance on how to grow in line with critical business needs, while managers and leaders gain insight into how to unlock employees’ potential. The software uses data to connect everyone to impactful learning.

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  • Personalized Feed
  • Focus Skills and Self Ratings
  • Skill Profile
  • Skill Graph
  • Pathways, Plans, and Directories
  • Browser, iOS, and Android extensions
  • Video Creation and Sharing
  • Groups, Sharing, and People search
  • Skill Matching
  • Skill Insights
  • Learning and Content insights
  • Intelligence


  • Rippling
  • Absorb LMS
  • Guru
  • WorkRamp
  • Go1
  • FutureLearn
  • Skillshare
  • DataCamp
  • Allego
  • goFLUENT
  • API integrations


  • Arabic
  • Czech
  • German
  • Greek
  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
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