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About Datawatch

Datawatch Corporation is designed to offer users visual data discovery from real-time streaming feeds. It provides three different platforms to make it easier to sift through the mountains of information that big data provides in order to assist in real-world decision making: Datawatch Desktop, Datawatch Server, and Datawatch Automator. By offering 24/7 customer support, Datawatch allows users to connect to many data sources and make comprehensible dashboards without the help of an IT department. Datawatch’s products are powerful tools for companies looking to filter massive amounts of data very quickly. Datawatch allows companies to leverage their existing IT platforms and connect to a variety of data sources, including message buses, CEP engines, tick databases, OData sources, relational databases, and flat files. It will then turn this data into visual graphs that can be accessed on the desktop or over the web. Alternately, its data visualizations can be embedded into in-house applications. Datawatch’s products also have the capability to work with third-party software to initiate transactions without ever leaving the dashboard. Even without a full IT staff, companies can use Datawatch products to easily create custom filters of big data. A number of large companies use Datawatch to help them filter and interpret big data. One of these companies is Vodafone, a cell phone company that operates in Australia, the UK, and US, in addition to over 30 other countries. Vodafone uses Datawatch as part of a tool suite to provide a company-wide view of business transactions, and to help spot issues before they occur. Datawatch is just one of many business intelligence consultants in our SmartAdvisor. Click the link to compare Datawatch with other companies.

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