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About Damovo

Damovo has more than 35 years of experience developing communications systems. As a result, the company is well-positioned to offer a variety of unified communication and collaboration solutions.

Damovo works hard to ensure that its products and services are accredited by top industry vendors such as Cisco, Mitel, and Microsoft. In addition to its customer base in Western Europe, Damovo’s services span 120 countries and five million endpoints, with a 98% incident resolution rate. The company builds long-term strategic partnerships and unified communications solutions that are in line with the customer’s goals, both overall and in terms of ROI. Damovo is also committed to network security: 80% of its employees have some form of security clearance, and all employees regularly attend focused training sessions.More and more companies are turning to unified communication and collaboration systems to maximize their employees’ time and energy, as well as the company’s resources. Damovo has the ability to consolidate multiple channels of communication and reduce the dependence on proprietary software to deliver a unified communications system that is truly scalable and specifically designed to meet your needs and financial goals. More than just conferencing, Damovo’s unified communication and collaboration infrastructure can incorporate desktop virtualization, messaging, presence and recording. There are options for audio, video and many other communications methods. All these unified communications solutions can be delivered through any one of a number of devices, including telephones, personal computers and mobile devices

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