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About Cyfluent CyCHART

Cyfluent’s CyCHART EHR is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) platform through which medical providers can electronically view, edit, and manage patient records. This program is an ideal solution for practices seeking an affordable, scalable, and easy to use electronic health record system.

CyCHART helps physicians accurately document patient encounters, review critical patient information, and develop treatment plans. To better help physicians manage the health of their patient population, CyCHART also includes chronic disease management tools. The program’s simple interface guides physicians through the clinical documentation process while accommodating individual work styles. CyCHART EHR allows providers to keep multiple charts open at once and quickly navigate between them with one click. Additionally, this EHR features an e-Prescribing tool that allows practitioners to quickly create medication orders and significantly reduce prescribing errors. Patient information, including allergies and alerts, is displayed in a one-screen format for quick physician reference. Since CyCHART is a web-based EHR, its features are accessible from any device with a web browser.

Cyfluent’s CyCHART EHR solution has helped numerous medical practices reduce charting expenses, eliminate time consuming tasks, and increase patient volume. By implementing CyCHART, office staff is able to streamline operational procedures to accommodate more patients per day. Keeping complete patient encounter information in CyCHART contributes to reduced claim denial rates and enables physicians to provide an optimal quality of care for every patient.

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