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About CyberScheduler

Cyberhealth365 develops innovative health IT systems  — in full partnership with medical providers  — for administration, point-of-care, and patient engagement. Cyberhealth365 is also specialized in medical national registry software, having worked with different medical syndicates and health ministries to develop and implement software allowing the centralization of medical data at the country level for the creation of national medical reports.

CyberScheduler, Cyberhealth365’s patient scheduling and appointment reminders application, is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Using the single CyberScheduler application, all appointments and appointment-related information can be managed from a single, centralized system, whether at a small clinic or a larger hospital. No appointment makes it on to the daily schedule without automatic confirmation via email, SMS, or even WhatsApp reminders. Available as a standalone application, or pre-integrated with the CyberClinic EHR/PM solution, CyberScheduler helps reduce costs by minimizing employees’ time spent scheduling or confirming appointments, improving resource utilization, and avoiding no-shows or other scheduling conflicts. 

We recommend CyberScheduler to anyone already using CyberClinic, but also to any physician or clinic operating in an area where SMS/Whatsapp messaging is widely used in commercial applications, particularly outside the United States. 

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