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About Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics

Centrifuge Systems Inc. is a provider of big data business intelligence (BI) software. It uses a combination of analysis, visualization, and a fully accessible environment to allow instant data access. Centrifuge Systems Inc. provides solutions and analytics primarily for cyber security, counter-terrorism, homeland security, insurance fraud, and financial, pharmaceutical, and retail crime analysis.

Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics (CVNA) uses an advanced link analysis that can import data from any source. The interactive visualization application gives the user the ability to manipulate data within the context of the business. Offering 24/7 customer service, Centrifuge has a fully accessible interface that allows users to access data from the internet. CVNA also allows businesses in financial services, retail, and government sectors to have instant access to data regarding fraud and security risks. Relationship mapping and visual analytics unveil relationships previously hidden in the data. This enables the user to detect fraud and risk with a combination of time lines, tables, charts, and geo-spatial views. Centrifuge Version 2.10 is a security-focused version of CVNA. This version offers the original link analysis and visualization software and has added security controls and additional flexibility to protect sensitive data. Some of the new security measures include the ability to define hidden data sources and role-based security.

Point-of-sale systems are particularly vulnerable to fraud and security risks which cost retailers billions of dollars in losses every year. CVNA uses a combination of relationship mapping and visual analytics to quickly integrate data and profile criminal behavior instantly. This software makes it easier to identify crime networks and protect the financial security of consumers.

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