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About Curve Dental

Curve Hero is a web-based, dental practice management solution designed by Utah-based software company, Curve Dental.  The platform provides robust options and features for scheduling, imaging, charting, billing, and patient management.  With Curve Dental’s platform, offices are able to manage their schedules through one simple-to-use calendar.  Appointments can be set, edited, and rearranged all from the central calendar screen, eliminating the need to click through multiple screens just to make one change.  In addition, the calendar can be viewed by patient, doctor, or date, and has functionality that allows staff to set recurring appointments and work with individual doctor’s schedules.  Built-in notifications also reduce the amount of appointment no shows, and helps increase office efficiency.

Charting (including Perio charting) is made easier through Curve Hero’s charting tool.  Doctors are able to draw on and make changes directly to the chart in real time, allowing for more direct feedback during the exam.  The workflow is intuitive, and follows the flow of a typical dental appointment to cut down on the time needed to click through the chart.  Practically speaking, the colorful and graphical chart provides a break from text-only charts, and provides doctors and staff with a visual representation of patient history.  After appointment conclude, the built-in billing feature allows office staff to quickly close out a patient’s appointment.  Curve Hero supports credit card processing for patients who wish to pay immediately, and claims management for patients using insurance.

Practice reports provide doctors with an overview of their office operations, with reports covering various aspects of Curve Hero.  The team at Curve Dental worked with practicing dentists to develop and integrate the most vital reports for a dental practice, eliminating the need to search through irrelevant reports.  The entire platform is accessed through the web, and all data is backed-up on a regular basis by Curve Dental.  This data can be accessed from an device with an internet connection, allowing for on-the-go connectivity.

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