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CurriculaProduct Overview

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Curricula product overview

Curricula is a cybersecurity awareness training platform that lets employees learn how to defend themselves and their organization from cyber attacks. The software enables anyone to create, manage, track, and deliver online training in minutes.

Curricula comes with an animated world of characters to make cybersecurity training fun and enjoyable. The platform provides a full suite of products for eLearning and training episodes that cover topics on the biggest cybersecurity threats such as phishing, social engineering, business email compromise, ransomware, malware, social media, and gift card scams, featuring a fictitious five-year-old villain hacker, DeeDee. DeeDee is also used as the platform’s phishing simulator.

Curricula’s phishing training tool allows admins to ‘phish’ their employees and see who would give up credentials. DeeDee either rewards them for catching her in the act or sends employees to take additional training.

The platform includes an LMS content authoring tool that lets admins design custom training content for employees onboarding or any HR training. Its content library offers downloads such as posters and digital signage to keep security awareness top-of-mind for employees.

Pros of Curricula

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  • Curricula is a fun employee training platform that uses storytelling to gamify the learning experience. Its behavioral science-based approach to learning keeps employees engaged with heroes, villains, and stories that are distributed in assignments throughout the year. The result is a more effective program that goes beyond checking the box for compliance.
  • It drives the achievement of SOC 2 compliance in a self-serve learning platform. Content includes privacy, PCI, GDPR, and passwords.

Cons of Curricula

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  • The platform doesn’t provide automatic new hire onboarding learning paths, however admins can create “Assignments” for new employees which sync with identity management providers.
  • The platform does not offer customizable phishing templates, but Curricula plans on adding this feature in the future.

Breakdown of core features

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Learning management system

Curricula provides a simple eLearning platform for employee training. It also has a creator content authoring software that allows anyone to build fun and visually stunning online training content.

Security awareness training

The platform’s cybersecurity awareness training feature is designed to be memorable and get employees excited to join the mission to Defend Against DeeDee. It delivers dozens of episodes on the most important security topics for employees to learn the skills needed to help prevent cyber attacks.

Phishing training

Curricula offers phishing awareness training for employees. It levels up phishing tests with a new gamified experience. The system simulates what a phishing scam would look like and which employees might click on the phishing email.


Curricula’s eLearning training reports streamline the completion of an audit or presentation of metrics to the executive team.

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