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Cosential is a software company that produces customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and automation tools specifically designed for architecture, engineering, and construction firms (A/E/C). Cosential was founded in 1999, and is based in Austin, Texas. 

The Central Information Platform by Cosential was designed by A/E/C professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the common pain points and CRM requirements of a company in A/E/C . This cloud-based software stores information about various companies, context, personnel, leads, and projects using terminology that is specific to the A/E/C field, with the goal of making information transparent and easily accessible to the various professionals who will require it. There are five different modules in Cosential: information tracking, proposal automation, analytics, administration, and sales and marketing. Information tracking involves a contact manager, activity tracker, project data, and more. Proposal automation allows users to create accurate submittals that will assist in landing more clients and the analytics feature has comprehensive reports that can be produced with the touch of a button. Administration capabilities includes role-based permission, workflow processes to improve communication, and value lists for greater control over business structure. The sales and marketing module allows users to develop robust marketing campaigns, manage them, and track the results.

England-Thims & Miller, a company that provides sustainable infrastructure for public and private clients, choose Cosential as its CRM solution. The business was surprised to find that Cosential offered many similar features as CRM solutions that were far more expensive and not calibrated to the A/E/C field. This platform helped automate tasks that workers previously found daunting. With the help of Cosential, England-Thims & Miller was able to expand its business efforts and capitalize on ROI.

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