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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Computer and Technology, eCommerce
Works Best For
Mid Sized Businesses, Small Sized Businesses

About CoolaData

CoolaData is an open data infrastructure which provides behavioral analytics to visualize, predict, and act on data to empower data-driven businesses in the mobile, gaming, eCommerce, or any sector that generates large amounts of data. It is a scalable, customizable and powerful tool for the optimization of customer management which leads to actionable insights.

CoolaData can provide a full analytical stack, usually at a fraction of the cost of developing similar capabilities in-house. Map business questions using CoolaData’s event blueprint or define custom events and properties. To bulk load data, CoolaData can map JSON, CSV or any SQL-based database, enabling immediate insights without waiting for new data to accumulate. Integrate CoolaData’s SDK to start tracking events in real time, available for iOS, Android, Unity, JavaScript REST API & more.

Collect – CoolaData’s event center is a proprietary data stream processor, which collects data from multiple sources 24/7 and centralizes them to perform extensive data cleansing and quality assurance, ensuring reliable and efficient data management.

Enrich- As they collect and process data, it’s continuously enriched with internal logic and external sources resulting in a behavioral data model which tells a complete story about users’ behavior.

Analyze – CoolaData provides a visualization layer – the Analytical Document – which allows team members to create their own dashboards and populate it with their own customizable widgets, including KPIs, cohorts, funnels, paths and more. CoolaData’s platform supports an open Widget API which allows the creation of widgets that address specific business needs. The Analytical Document unifies data from multiple sources and is fully integrated with Google Drive, enabling sharing and collaboration. CoolaData provides out-of-the-box predictive modules, like churn and Lifetime Value (LTV), as well as the creation of proprietary and custom models

Storage is secure and fully compliant with the most advanced standards. CoolaData is built to scale and guarantee support of volumes as businesses grow. CoolaData can manage all aspects of customer data, eliminating infrastructure costs, scalability concerns and management overhead. Customers always own the data and have full access to it at all times.

CoolaData’s unified, behavioral semantic layer enables versatile metadata management including dimensions, columns, measures, etc. to create bespoke relevant business definition layers. CoolaSQL is a behavioral extension to the popular SQL query language allowing data analysts to query data using their own business terms. CQL encapsulates high-level behavioral terms such as segmentation, cohort, and funnel. CoolaData is an open behavioral data service and does not limit customer proprietary tools. It enables a connection to data using ODBC/JDBC or APIs for preferred BI and visualization tools. CoolaData supports seamless access to real-time, analytical and NoSQL databases.

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