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About Contactability

Launched in Columbus, Ohio, Contactability has helped over 20,000 different companies connect with customers and nurture leads. Contactability is specifically geared toward developing best practices regarding lead nurturing and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. It can work with companies of all sizes, as the pricing is determined by how many leads are desired and how much attention each lead will get from Contactability.

Contactability integrates with existing traffic sources and ensures that there are no duplicate inquiries, minimizing time wasted. It will automatically track performance at every stage of the funnel. The instant response technology ensures that leads are distributed to the right channels instantly. If a prospect cannot be reached at the first call, they will be placed in a nurturing queue and followed up on later. Once a prospect is engaged, they are transferred to a dedicated line or to an appointment scheduler, depending on the company’s level of availability. There is also a dashboard so companies can see all processes and events that Contactability is engaging in. There is also an appointment-setting service that automatically updates a calendar so that managers know when to expect sales calls.

A small SEO company engaged with Contactability to improve its B2B business prospects. After two months of using Contactability for their telemarketing needs, the company increased its warm leads by over 50%. This increase in leads and subsequent increase of business required them to hire more staff to handle the flow.

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