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About ConcourseSuite

Based in Norfolk, Virginia, Concursive Corporation creates software and social media solutions for large enterprise organizations as well as for thousands of small businesses. Concursive’s customer relationship management (CRM) software platform, ConcourseSuite, combines traditional CRM tools with web content and team collaboration capabilities to offer companies a unique, open-source software solution.

ConcourseSuite functionality includes the standard CRM features of capturing leads, managing contacts, tracking accounts through the sales funnel, and offering quotes.  It provides users with an intuitive set of features for generating leads, authoring engaging content, and developing campaigns that expand the company’s reach. This platform also allows businesses to design their own websites, edit published content, and optimize that content to rank in search engines. While ConcourseSuite isn’t targeted towards any specific industries, this CRM’s open-source Flex functionality, which is based on the Java scripting language, allows for a wide range of customization, including the development of unique modules. Additional customer support features include team collaboration tools that let employees communicate across departments and work together to solve customer support problems as well as case management modules and features for organizing and tracking support tickets. This same document sharing feature can be accessed through mobile devices so field representatives can find the information they need.

AlphaGraphics, a visual communications company that works with independent franchises, needed an especially flexible CRM that not only streamlined their sales, marketing, and customer service processes, but that also offered customization to develop functionality based on the needs of each independent franchise. The company loved ConcourseSuite’s  simple web-based interface and its range of customer and project management capabilities available. Since software implementation, AlphaGraphics has witnessed a significant reduction in training costs.

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