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About COMPview

COMPview, by HRsoft, is positioned by the company as a High Impact Compensation Management System™, an intuitive tool that is easy for line managers to use. It allows companies to manage complex cash, incentive and equity multi-level compensation plans designed to drive strategic improvements in performance & engagement without overwhelming line managers with spreadsheets or hard to use software. Built to support a new generation of HR processes and best practices, COMPview™, is an intuitive and effective means of maximizing your compensation investment.

Key Benefits of COMPview™ include”:
A Comp Vendor that Actually Speaks Comp! – At HRsoft, they consider compensation to be their specialty. Working with a vendor that truly understands your comp process can save you a tremendous amount of time, resources and money.
Improved Budget Adherence – COMPview™ uses intuitive active advice and decision support guidance to help line managers adhere to compensation guidelines while still empowering them to make the best decisions to reward their top talent.
Engaged & Motivated Workforce – With COMPview™ managers can easily recognize, reward and motivate high performers leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.
Eliminate Spreadsheet Errors & Security Risks – Utilizing a secure, cloud-based comp solution helps eliminate costly spreadsheet errors resulting from multiple documents being distributed to scores of people with complicated formulas in insecure environments.
Faster Manger Adoption with Very Little Training – With intuitive active advice, alerts, messaging and a simple to use interface, managers can effectively recommend awards for large groups in minutes (even with diverse rules) and reviewers can process and approve all with minimal training.
Increased Visibility & Compliance – COMPview™ delivers enterprise-wide transparency including real insight and audit trails for all stages of the reward process. The system meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA Compliance requirements.
More Flexibility, More Security & Less I.T. – There is no need for heavy I.T. involvement with HRsoft’s cloud based software. And HRsoft’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach gives each client better security and more flexibility to determine upgrade schedules, build interfaces with other systems and configure requirements unique to them.

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