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About CompanyControls, an online human resources (HR) system software developer, is based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2011, the company — CmpCon for short — caters to small and mid-sized solutions, for which its products work to apply business rules evenly, improve data accuracy, improve the speed of communications and allow access of company data.

The CompanyControls HR system is web-based and designed to be used by a single administrator or by every employee of a company. This HR system is available in a number of modules. For example, the employee management software in the Absence module documents personnel absence due to vacation or sickness, and it also tracks tardiness and workplace injuries. Employee tracking software components speed up the absence process and make the data related to it more reliable. The HR Lite module provides employees with access to their personal information, and it allows them to update this information, as well, while restricting access to potentially sensitive data. The Appraisals module of CompanyControls employee management software incorporates existing appraisal systems which can be used as traditionally implemented, or they can be modified to address specific needs. Appraisals include performance evaluations, goal setting and new employee assessments, among others. Other features include a module which tracks employee locations, a task management service, and a module for managing company training programs. CompanyControls HR system has been successfully implemented by a variety of companies, with outstanding results.

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