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About Commence

Founded in 1998, Commence Corporation is an industry leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software and business process automation solutions. Its solutions integrate people, processes, and technology into one comprehensive application to improve overall business performance.

Commence’s CRM includes comprehensive features for the three main applications of a CRM: marketing, customer service, and sales management. It seamlessly integrates with Google Maps, social media platforms, email, Windows and Mac OS operating systems, and various mobile devices. For sales management, Commence employs a centralized database that lists aggregated lead management information like account history, assigned sales representative, lead segment, and even a lead score based on a predefined criteria in the program. With Commence, sales teams are also afforded intuitive tools for tracking customer interactions, managing the sales funnel, and generating detailed sales forecast and performance reports. In addition, Commence features tools for managing service tickets and processing return materials. Its marketing automation capabilities include managing marketing campaigns, measuring campaign effectiveness and reach, and providing analytic reports. Commence equips customer service representatives with a quick access knowledge-base to make sure they have the information they need to answer frequently asked questions with confidence and depth.

QlikPower, a leader in the United Kingdom and Irish business intelligence markets, tested multiple CRMs before eventually choosing Commence for its robust suite of features and usability. After implementing Commence, QlikPower reported significant improvement in marketing, sales and customer support operations.

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