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About collectiveFleet

CollectiveData is a continuous provider of fleet management software around the U.S. They have a professional technical team with intensive experiences in the fleet industry, ready to back clients up when problems arise. collectiveFleet is a member of NAFA, APWA and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

The collectiveFleet is a fleet management software produced by CollectiveData. It is designed as a better production management system for profit maximization in vehicle businesses. Old systems that still rely on basic spreadsheets and legacy systems are to transferred to a modern database. This fleet management software is easy to install and use and can be integrated with a currently used system like fuel cards, gps, etc. One of the features of CollectiveData’s fleet management software is the embedded data tracking tools, which can be utilized in evaluating the status of vehicles and assets. It gives businesses total flexibility and can be configured in a system to help cope with new and better service enhancements along the way. This asset management software can also help manage DOT, OSHA and other compliance requirements. Through its custom reporting feature, it tracks vehicle tires’ performance and status, as well as the status of equipment components, reporting preventive maintenance issues. Since fleet industries have varying needs and requirements, users can request additional integration depending on their needs.

In 2009, Croell Redi-Mix construction company adopted collectiveFleet to replace the three different out-dated systems in use at the time. Once in use, collectiveFleet allowed everyone in the company to see where their over 3,000 units were, where they needed to be and the units’ “owning locations.” Beyond just tracking fuel, repair and maintenance expenses, Croell Redi-Mix benefited from collectiveFleet’s ability to track ability to track employee certification, license renewals, annual inspections, and inter-company rentals in real-time.

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