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About Collage

Collage is an all-in-one HR platform built for small-medium businesses.

Collage is a cloud-based HR platform with these features: applicant tracking (ATS), employee management, performance management, time off management, and reporting. With the aim of providing a central hub for all HR related tasks and documentation, Collage is an organizational portal for both businesses and their employees.

In order to assist with employee management, Collage provides an employee directory where users can add employee profiles including personal, banking and tax information, as well as work related documents and contracts. The directory also offers a self-service portal for employees to update their data and input information during the onboarding process. The employee self onboarding features give businesses the ability to hand over some of their onboarding process to employees. New employees can sign on to their Collage account to collect tax information and enroll in benefits plans, as well as complete onboarding tasks that can be saved and reused for all new starters.

Collage also provides time off management so that employees can request vacations for approval from managers and businesses can set customized time off rules which comply with local labour laws. Using performance management tools, users can structure one-to-one meetings with team members to assess performance, and check-in to meetings so that frequency of meetings can be monitored.

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