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About COINS-etc

COINS-etc supply chain management (SCM) software is an industry leading software solution. Produced by COINS, a global solution software provider company with over three decades in service, this supply chain management software is designed for companies in the construction industry. The solution features a unique community of purchase-to-pay where over a million business operations and transactions are processed annually. This feature allows businesses to efficiently take orders and manage invoices accurately. The system also features an electronic, automated catalog that serves as the database of all company products, along with corresponding prices, in real time. This catalog will be readily available for customers, making the transaction process fast and easy. COINS-etc also provides an iPortal for suppliers, so they can effectively communicate with buyers. There is nothing more helpful when developing a strong supplier to buyer relationship. With this, clients boast growing sales and fast payment processes. Since clients have established consistent contact with their buyers, irrelevant questions have decreased. This supply chain management software saves time for every department from sales to accounting.

COINS is a trusted company with more than 30 years of continued service on the field of software production. They provide ongoing, professional support that guides clients as they adopt the new supply chain management software. At COINS, the team actively helps throughout the relationship. Megabuyte, an independent market intelligence research firm, has recommended COINS software in their own business, saying that it helped improved profit and cash flow.

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