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COEUS Enterprise Technologies is an enterprise software development and services company with solutions in business IT product development, human resources management, healthcare IT, higher education, business intelligence, and enterprise resource planning.

COEUS ERP is a manufacturing execution system designed especially for manufacturers in the Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Make-to-Order (MTO), Assemble-to-Order (ATO), and Made-to-Stock (MTS) fields. COEUS delivers full-cycle services, from initial business analysis and implementation to requirements management and 24/7 hosted production application support and maintenance. COEUS ERP can help you achieve 100% on-time delivery, reduced labor costs, lower inventory costs, less waste/scrap, and downtime elimination.  Whether you are a small, single-site manufacturer or a large, multi-site, multi-national conglomerate, COEUS ERP is scalable to fit your needs; companies can begin with just the ERP essentials and then include additional MTO and ETO features as needed. Available modules include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Accounting / Financial Management
  • ecommerce
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Production Planning / Scheduling
  • Inventory / Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Quality Assurance / Control

The software is fully customizable; COEUS adjusts to meet your organizational structure instead of requiring you to adjust processes to fit the software. Individual users can have their own custom screens, fields, lists, functions, and macros. In addition to the listed modules and customizable functions, COEUS ERP also includes a manufacturing business intelligence platform; users can drill-down or slice-and-dice manufacturing data for increased insights into the manufacturing, materials planning, inventory, and distribution segments of your business. COEUS ERP customers have used the software to acheive 100% uptime and 100% on-time delivery, maximizing productivity and efficiency at their businesses for increased profitability.

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