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CMiCProduct Overview

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CMiC product overview

CMiC delivers complete and unified software solutions for construction and capital projects firms. It transforms how firms optimize productivity, minimize risk, and drive growth by planning and managing all financials, projects, resources, and content assets — from a Single Database Platform™.

With CMiC, construction companies maximize the value of their investment by taking control of their accounting and forecasting. The platform enhances enterprise planning and content management, handles change orders with full visibility, and simplifies the bid process. Additionally, it has features for orchestrating subcontractors, collaborating with project stakeholders, controlling the flow of documents, and restoring confidence in costs, revenues, and budgets.

The software is suitable for businesses looking for a robust enterprise-wide platform or a narrowly-focused solution to run financials or empower field employees. Construction teams of any size use CMiC to eliminate functional silos and manage their processes, from accounting and budgeting to project delivery and resource management.

Pros of CMiC

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  • The software enables construction companies to align everyone on the team — from in-office staff to on-site workers — and keep them moving toward the same goal without missing a beat.
  • It keeps site and project diagrams up to date with an integrated platform that allows teams to share, revise, and approve drawings in real-time, from any location and on any device.

Cons of CMiC

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  • Some users commented that the software implementation is time-consuming.
  • Others mentioned that the interface is not intuitive.

Breakdown of core features

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Accounting and financial controls

With CMiC, construction firms can track invoices, access historical financial information, and allocate revenue accounts across companies. The solution allows financial teams to monitor cash flow more closely, correct spending, increase the ability to win new business, and ensure on-time, accurate payments. Moreover, it brings data security and accessibility for key stakeholders.

Project controls

The platform lets users stay on top of any project changes with access to every version of revised documents. Project managers can keep an eye on budgets, including time, expenses, suppliers, and capital costs. CMiC’s project control capabilities also expedite the completion of projects. It provides an overall project management plan that teams can divide into distinct functional areas.

Asset management

CMiC’s asset management feature enables construction teams to control material costs, speed up the procurement process, improve inventory management, and enhance operational performance. Additionally, the software ensures generating accurate job costing and client billing.

Human capital management and payroll

Teams can effectively manage the unique labor force requirements of the construction industry and the dynamics of the workforce with CMiC. Its HCM and Payroll simplify recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training new talent. It also streamlines motivating, compensating, and retaining builders.

Teams at job sites can access the HCM & Payroll app through their mobile devices. The app shows benefit plans and payroll information. It lets team members enter, modify, and update their hours and paid time off.

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Quick Facts

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    Architecture / Engineering / Construction
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  • Project Controls
  • Accounting & Financial Controls
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Human Capital Management & Payroll
  • Asset Management
  • Enterprise Content Management


  • Autodesk
  • Bluebeam
  • Comdata
  • DocuSign
  • Kofax Transformation
  • PlanGrid
  • API integrations


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