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About Clinicient

Clinicient was founded in 1998 by Jerry Henderson, a Physical Therapist who wanted a system that could effectively keep track of outpatient rehabilitation office management.  Clinicient focuses on making the outpatient and rehabilitation process as smooth as possible with features for billing, scheduling, reporting, and form creation.  The platform has a selection of customizable forms and reports that can be generated on a patient or appointment basis.  The system allows practitioners to customize its use based around the workflow that is already established in their office, and helps maintain smooth patient transition.  Appointments can be scheduled with Clinicient, giving office staff the features needed to view schedules based on doctors, patients, or dates.  Appointments can be easily moved or edited, and patient appointment records are kept for future use.

The platform keeps track of patient interactions and records with its built-in electronic medical records (EMR) function, that allows doctors to continue using the same program for appointments.  Once again, the platform provides users with a variety of different customizable forms and charts that can be used during appointments.  These forms and charts were laid out by therapists, and thus follow the logical rhythm of appointments.  With Clinicient’s billing service, patient accounts and balances can be managed from the same system as their records, eliminating the need to integrate multiple systems.  The billing process is made easy by the platform, as it automatically updates payer rules, compliance regulations, coding, and other billing deliverables.  And with Clinicient, detailed reports can be generated to track the platform’s effectiveness.

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