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About Clearview InFocus

The masterminds behind Clearview Software consist of architectural engineering (AE) and software veterans who recognized that many AE firms were using unsupported legacy software with no upgrade paths. Accordingly, the first generation of InFocus was born, a singular solution focused on helping clients in ways that are relevant to them, available on premise or in the cloud.

InFocus includes customizable dashboards with an up-to-date, visualized view of your firm’s information. The project planning module allows you to decide how your firm should approach projects, whether that’s top down, bottom up, or anywhere in between. The marketing and sales module serves as a CRM and lets users track prospects, clients, and contacts in a centralized calendar. InFocus’ accounting module has real-time accounting and works on an automated reverse entry system that helps maintain up-to-date reports with fewer mistakes. Because the time and expense module includes mobile capabilities, users can enter time and expenses from the workplace or from their iOS or Android device. The InFocus billing system includes a powerful invoicing system that can create any invoice your client requires. Additionally, with the resource allocation module you can easily see real-time use of resources by job title or employee, as well as scheduled versus available resources.

Recently, Clearview launched the second version of its InFocus system – InFocus 2 – with added multicurrency support, a new user interface, and a brand new area for project managers called Project Central.

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