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About ClearTrack

ClearTrack, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, is a supply chain management software solutions company. With a vision to be the world’s most recognized source for supply chain event related information, ClearTrack strives to continuously improve and enhance their supply chain management technologies.

The company’s client-focused vision enables them to offer products thatĀ solve needs such as global supplier management, product quality assurance, global logistics operations, and performance management. Featuring a cloud-delivered service and mobile capability called Shipment Approval Mobile, the company grants customers continuous access to its ever-growing Global Network of logistics suppliers. Offering the ability to track shipments through an easy-to-use automation process, customers experience real-time customizable alerts, report dashboards, and historical data all in one place. The company’s make-it-happen implementation attitude and process means solutions can be adapted quickly, and return on investment can be realized sooner.

JCPenney, one of America’s largest apparel and home furnishing retailers, credits ClearTrack as a vital part of the company’s logistical success. By working with each of JCPenney’s 3rd-party vendors to provide transportation alerts and overall visibility, the company has been able to better relationships among these supply chain partners.

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