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About CA Clarity Agile

CA Technologies, founded in the 1970’s, remains on the forefront of business software development through its focus on creating project and business management software solutions that leverage predictive analytics for decision making. CA Technologies’ CA Clarity software suite allows its users to manage and secure complicated IT networks and support agile business services. The CA Clarity Agile software is used by a number of leading software development firms. Named one of the Forbes “100 Most Innovative Companies” in 2011, CA Technologies is dedicated to providing IT management solutions to meet complex and diverse industry needs through innovative software and SaaS solutions for ever-evolving business models.

CA Technologies’ software helps with many business functions like task management and scheduling, however, CA Clarity Agile goes further than most to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. CA Clarity Agile can increase the speed of delivery of your Agile projects through an intuitive interface that takes the hard work out of managing sprints and backlogs. It supports multiple development methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and hybrids.┬áCA Clarity project management products offer varying information views, including Gantt and phase level Gantt charts as well as PERT-style displays. CA Clarity Agile is a project management software that can be upgraded and scaled to integrate financial management and monitoring applications as well as forecasting through ‘What If’ projections. This renders the basic task manager into an enterprise-wide, multi-dimensional project management tool that manages both human and financial resources.

CA Technologies has more than 5,000 developers around the world all focused on creating software solutions that simplify IT management across mainframe, physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Like many companies that have decided to adopt Agile methodologies to accelerate the development cycle, CA Technologies needed an Agile tool to track resources, deliverables, and costs. They developed CA Clarity Agile to be that solution; it allows their development team a more flexible, dynamic solution to track progress while maintaining executive visibility into all projects across the portfolio. CA Clarity Agile has improved time-to-market for new releases, maximized the efficiency of resource allocation, and reduced risks, positioning CA Technologies to better deliver priority features to address their customers’ business issues.

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