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About Cimnet ERP – Aptean

Aptean specializes in building enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions. The company excels at providing superior customer service and ensuring satisfaction to their wide, growing client base. When a printed circuit board (PCB) original equipment manufacturer (OEM) succeeds in creating an edge over the competition, the Cimnet ERP software, designed by Aptean, is likely behind its success. Aptean designed the Cimnet ERP software to help companies efficiently operate by maximizing productivity before the workday even begins. These systems serve multinational corporations as well as small businesses.

Cimnet ERP software identifies opportunities, tracks data, and visualizes trends. Prioritizing certain information helps employers best utilize their available resources, and it all starts with pre-production engineering. Before the manufacturing process even begins, this PCB software starts working with the flow of current operations. It also furnishes stakeholders with business intelligence. Once the manufacturing process has been completed, it even offers supply chain management support. Add quality and production checks to the list, and Cimnet systems have just about everything an OEM could ask for in an ERP software solution. Aptean has earned its reputation by helping manufacturers stay ahead of the curve. The Cimnet ERP software is an excellent resource for every step of the business cycle.

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