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About Cien for Salesforce

Cien is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide info and advice that drives sales behavior. Cien has a user-friendly interface with screens tailored for reps, managers, and executives. Cien’s AI engine takes CRM data and continually predicts what will happen next, including sales results. If facts change, the forecast changes. 

Cien evaluates a sales team’s individual attributes such as closing skills, product knowledge, and work ethic. It then tracks the company’s macro environment which includes competition and seasonality as well as overall team morale. Lastly, it provides real-time data on the quality and potential of leads and pipeline.

Cien is also able to measure intangible factors such as team mood, product knowledge, work ethic, closing ability and seasonality that greatly affect results. Cien measures and predicts the characteristics that drive productivity, and the app can also determine the relative importance of those factors for a company given the current situation. Cien highlights where the sales opportunities are for each team member and role, and makes it easy to commit to and track the impact of key initiatives. 

With Cien, ROI calculation is built right into the app. Cien is focused on a very measurable metric –a Sales Team’s productivity broken down to individual contributors and across various teams. Cien analyzes each team member’s activities and results, providing specific feedback for each team member, and helps both reps and managers to understand where the opportunities for improvements are.

Cien also provides online help, videos, and a dedicated Customer Success team.

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