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Chorus HR

About Chorus HR

Based in the United Kingdom, Chorus HR, as its name indicates, specializes in the development of Human Resources (HR) software for small and mid-sized businesses. The company’s mission is to enable employers to build relationships with their personnel, and this is the basis upon which Chorus HR continues to improve and simplify its products.

Chorus’ HR software and its integrated employee management software recognize the need for employers to effectively monitor and manage employee absences. This includes assigning a Bradford Factor score to each worker. This function measures the impact of short-term, unplanned absences based on the theory that such absences are more disruptive than extended, requested absences. Chorus HR employee management software allows company personnel and supervisors to plan shifts, establish rotations and record not only hours at work but what work was done during those hours.

Chorus HR software allows administrators to view employment records, with or without corresponding hourly pay rates or salaries, while also calculating accrued employee entitlements such as vacation and sick days. Other functions include a message/notice board which can be used to communicate with individual employees or the company as a whole, management information charts, data mining and the creation and export of reports. Chorus HR also offers management processes that are specific to human resource professionals such as recruiting, hiring and training. The cloud-based, real time application allows HR professionals like Jon Gardner of Beyond PR to “prevent people issues from turning into a people crisis.”

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